SEO Audit Tool

Run a comprehensive SEO audit and discover technical issues affecting your site’s ranking with our SEO audit tool.
Indexing status
Analyze the current indexing status of your web pages to find out which pages are not driving organic traffic to your site with our bulk SEO audit tool.
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HTTP status codes
Looking for 404 errors or redirect chains? Check status codes of any web pages to find and fix issues on your site.
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Broken links
Save your time and quickly identify which internal or external links on your website are broken with our bulk Broken Link Checker tool.
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Keyword cannibalization
Keyword cannibalization can cause major problems and negatively affect your SEO efforts. Use our keyword cannibalization checker to spot affected pages and improve your online visibility.
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Search visibility
Find out estimated website traffic for specific pages and analyze keywords you rank for in organic, paid and 9 different SERP features in search results.
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Stay on top of important technical SEO changes that can have an impact on your overall website performance and rankings. We will automatically notify you via email when we detect any site issues.
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Bulk SEO Analysis
Status Code
Want to quickly check HTTP status codes for multiple pages? Identify redirect chains or 404 errors with our Status Code checker.
Index Checker
Analyze indexing status of multiple website pages and discover which ones don’t drive organic traffic to your website.
Page Speed
Want to know how fast your site loads? This bulk Page Speed tool provides data on how your particular website pages are performing, including metrics such as Core Web Vitals, Time to Interactive, Speed Index, and more.
Broken Link Checker
Dead links are not only bad for user experience but they can also harm your SEO. Find out which internal or external links on your website are broken with our Broken Link Checker tool.
Validity Checker
Find accessibility and HTML issues on your site with our Validity Checker tool. Simply upload your sitemap and let us do all the hard work for you!
Hreflang Checker
Having a multilingual website? Test your hreflang tags with our Hreflang Checker tool to ensure they are implemented properly.
Structured Data Checker
Check if your web pages use structured data and what markup types are implemented. This tool isn’t just for detecting errors on your websites, it’s also helpful in discovering which schema markups your competitors use.
Indexability Checker
Want to know which web pages are not indexed and why they are missing from search results? Try our Indexability Checker to find out!
Content Analysis
Conduct a content audit of your landing pages in a few clicks to spot articles that need your immediate attention. Analyze data such as title, H1, meta description, length, number of links, and more.
Plagiarism Checker
Wanted to check the originality of your content? Detect duplicate content with our Plagiarism Checker tool. You can upload your sitemap to automatically scan all your web pages and find out who copied your content.

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