Keyword Research

Discover the most valuable keywords for your marketing strategy. Collect detailed insights and find out what people are searching for to outshine your competitors.
Search volume and keyword suggestions
Learn what questions people are asking in your niche, find similar keywords to your search query and analyze their important SEO metrics (search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, trends, SERP features, and more) to stop guessing and start seeing results.
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Trending keywords
Spot the trending topics and discover popular keywords that have been searched this year significantly more than in the previous year (by more than 100% YOY search volume change).
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New keywords
Look for new keywords that have only become popular within last year to add them to your content strategy and boost website traffic.
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Content gap analysis
Analyze the performance of your content in one click. Find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for and you are not.
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Search visibility
Analyze any URL or domain to discover their traffic insights and keywords they are ranking for.
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Bulk Keyword analysis
Access your data and reports whenever you need them with to our cloud-based data mining tools. You can get valuable insights for up to 100,000 keywords. Simply upload your list of keywords… and from there, you can leave all the hard work to us! We will notify you via email when the report is done.
Search Volume
Get the most out of your SEO efforts and find the average monthly search volume for your selected keywords. Analyze other valuable metrics such as CPC, trends of the last 12 months and YoY search volume change.
SERP Position
Find rankings for specific keywords in bulk. Our SERP Position miner can help you find out your rankings for traditional web searches, images and videos.
Landing Page
Determine the best landing page for a specific keyword and avoid keyword cannibalization with our Landing Page miner.
Need help categorizing your keywords? Want new ideas for your product categories? Try this tool to automatically categorize search queries by location, price, question, material, color, brand, and more.
Keyword Difficulty
Check how difficult it is to rank in organic search results for a specific keyword. This tool will help you understand how much SEO effort it might take to outshine your competitors.
Find out what people are often searching for around your keywords. Get new keyword ideas from search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube or Wikipedia. This tool is a fantastic source of long-tail keywords for your website.
Keyword Suggestions
Need more keyword ideas? Get up to 2,500 suggestions for your seed keywords. This list can assist you when working on an effective content marketing strategy.
Related Search
Looking for new content ideas? Discover what related searches users see at the bottom of Google’s result page for specific keywords.
SERP Analysis
This tool will analyze the top 10 search results for any keywords, including their titles, meta description, structured data and what other SERP features appear for specific search queries.

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