Powerful and versatile SEO API

Speed up your work and pull valuable data from Marketing Miner without manually logging into the tool. Our SEO API has over 10 endpoints to extract data such as keyword suggestions, search volume, and more.
Accuracy and freshness
We want to help all marketers with our SEO API who deal with large amounts of data get the most accurate insights. Enhance your SEO strategy with keyword search volume, domain visibility or keyword suggestions data.
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Seamless integration
Our SEO API is flexible and have applications for various needs. Marketing Miner supports REST/POST API requests to work with data in your own dashboards or applications.
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SEO API documentation and common uses
Read our SEO API documentation to understand what else is possible with a particular API and find examples of common uses.
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Projects API
Our Projects API can pull any valuable data from your projects. Popular API endpoints include rank tracking, brand monitoring or competitor analysis features.
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