About us

Marketing Miner is an SEO tool founded by Filip Podstavec in 2015. Our tool allows you to collect marketing data on multiple keywords, domains, and URLs with a single click.
Our story

Marketing Miner was originally called Podstavec Tools, which worked as a simple set of APIs. Filip started sharing the tool for free with his friends and colleagues in the SEO agency to work more effectively. The Podstavec Tools gradually spread to the consciousness of consultants worldwide. With the heavy load on servers running APIs, Filip saw the need to develop the first version of Marketing Miner in 2015. Later, as the number of users increased, the first version of the Marketing Miner tool was upgraded to a paid version, and then to version 2.0 (the current version), which runs in the cloud today.

Main features
Marketing Miner has 3 main sections:

1) Profilers - allow you to gain valuable SEO insights and data overview of keywords and websites.

2) Reports - are the perfect choice for analyzing data in bulk for your competitor analysis, technical SEO audit, or keyword research.

3) Projects - allow you to track and manage all aspects of your online visibility, including brand mentions and rank tracking.

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Our team
Our entire team works remotely, with a team-building week or hackathon organized every three months.
Filip Podstavec
Tomáš Novák
Martin Hlaváč
Backend Development & DevOps
Daniel Hejplík
Frontend Development
Iveta Osobová
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