About us

Marketing Miner is a data mining tool founded by Filip Podstavec in 2015. The tool focuses on gathering marketing data about keywords, domains, and URLs.
Our history

The original tool, Postavec Tools, was built as a simple set of APIs. In the beginning, Filip Podstavec provided this tool free of charge to his friends and colleagues in the SEO agency. The Postavec Tools has gradually spread to the consciousness of consultants worldwide. With the big load on the servers on which the APIs were running, Filip saw the necessity to develop the first version of Marketing Miner in 2015.

Later with the increased number of users, the first release of the Marketing Miner tool was updated to a paid version and subsequently was created the version 2.0 (the current release) that is nowadays running in the cloud.

Core functions
Marketing Miner consists of 3 main sections:

1) Profilers - allow you to get comprehensive one-time data retrieval about the keyword search volume and keyword suggestions, analysis of the domain and URL visibility in the search.

2) Reports - are used for bulk data collection, such as index check, broken link check, SERP analysis, keyword search volume and other 50 functions.

3) Projects - the most used functions of this section are rank tracking, monitoring of mentions and alerting.

Our target is mainly online marketers (freelancers, agencies or big brands) specializing in SEO, PPC, link building and copywriting. Currently, our Marketing Miner tool uses more than 40,000 users.

Our team
Our entire team works remotely with the week' team-building or hackathon organized every three months.
Filip Podstavec
CEO & Founder
Tomáš Novák
Martin Hlaváč
CTO & Backend developer
Josef Ryzí
Frontend developer
Iveta Osobová