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Keyword Research
Get valuable keyword data and discover what else people are searching for in one click. We have over 12 tools to save your time and analyze keyword data in bulk.
Search volume and Keyword suggestions
Trending keywords
Keyword difficulty
Bulk data analysis
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SEO Audit
Perform a detailed SEO Analysis of any website to check its search visibility or identify technical SEO issues such as 404 errors, duplicate content, indexing issues, missing meta descriptions, and more.
Keyword cannibalization
Broken link checker
Indexing issues
Search visibility
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Rank Tracking
Monitor your site’s rankings over time and keep an eye on up to 5 competitors to see how they perform in search results. Find out which pages and keywords bring the most traffic to your site and what SERP features appear for them.
Search visibility
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Local pack
Competitor monitoring
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Competitor Analysis
Gain all your competitor insights in one go and discover keywords they rank for. Our SEO tool monitor keywords not only in organic and paid search results, but also 9 different SERP features.
Search visibility
Content gap analysis
Top pages and keywords
Competing pages and domains
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Brand Monitoring
Monitor brand mentions, your competitors and industry updates. Get notified with every mention to turn them into links and build new partnerships.
Brand monitoring
Competitor monitoring
Email notifications
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Link Building
Discover new link building opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile and obtain contact details where possible. Get notified when backlinks are removed to keep up with changes as they happen to contact site owners right away.
Link prospecting
Backlink monitoring
Contact finder
Related pages and domains
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Our powerful and versatile SEO API provides programmatic access to Marketing Miner data in your own tools. There are over 10 endpoints to extract data such as keyword suggestions, search volume, website traffic, and more.
Keyword search volume
Keyword suggestions
Traffic analysis
Rank tracking
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Bulk Data Analysis (40+ SEO tools)
Looking for a quick way to get data for multiple keywords or URLs? With our cloud-based tools, you can crawl up to 100,000 keywords, domains, or URLs in one go. Just upload your list and we'll generate a report with all the SEO metrics you need.
Search Volume
Get the most out of your SEO efforts and find the average monthly search volume for your selected keywords. Analyze other valuable metrics such as CPC, trends of the last 12 months and YoY search volume change.
SERP Position
Check positions of multiple keywords on Google for your website and competitors. Our SERP Position miner can help you find out rankings for traditional web searches, images, and videos.
Index Checker
Analyze indexing status of multiple website pages and discover which ones don’t drive organic traffic to your website.
Why choose us
Incredible value for money
You don’t have to choose expensive SEO tool to rank well. We are committed to providing high-quality data at affordable prices. Plus our SEO tool is pretty easy to learn and use.
Analyzing data in bulk
If you're looking for a quick way to analyze data for up to 100,000 keywords, domains or URLs, we have over 40 SEO tools that save you time and do all the hard work for you.
Powerful REST API
Extract data from Marketing Miner without manually logging into the tool and analyze only data that is relevant to you. Our REST API is easy to use and has applications for various needs.
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Plans and Pricing
1 000
credits / month
That equals
100 Google queries
330 search volume requests
1 000 URL content analysis
1 project
10 tracked keywords weekly or 3 daily
  • 1 Process at once
  • 5 Rows input size
  • miner
    $29 / per month
    100 000
    credits / month
    That equals
    10 000 Google queries
    33 000 search volume requests
    100 000 URL content analysis
    1 project
    1000 tracked keywords weekly or 200 daily
  • 1 Process at once
  • 1 000 Rows input size
  • Most popular!
    $59 / per month
    1 000 000
    credits / month
    That equals
    100 000 Google queries
    330 000 search volume requests
    1 000 000 URL content analysis
    10 projects
    1000 tracked keywords weekly or 200 daily
  • 2 Processes at once
  • 20 000 Rows input size
  • machine
    $99 / per month
    2 000 000
    credits / month
    That equals
    200 000 Google queries
    660 000 search volume requests
    2 000 000 URL content analysis
    20 projects
    1000 tracked keywords weekly or 200 daily
  • 3 Processes at once
  • 40 000 Rows input size
  • }

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