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Profilers allow you to get comprehensive data in just one click.
Keyword Profiler
Get comprehensive information about a specific keyword.
Search volume and CPC of the keyword
Suggestions related to the keyword
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Domain Profiler
Get comprehensive information about specific domain. For example, you'll find out for what keywords is your domain or domain of your competitor shown in the search engine.
Estimated domain traffic and its sources
Overview of found contacts and social profiles
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URL Profiler
Get an overview of one specific URL from your or your competitor's site.
Analysis of load speed for a page
Audit of the most important on-page factors
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Keyword search volume
Tells you how many times a particular keyword is searched per month on average. This number makes it easier to identify what questions and how often your potential users are searching for them.
Product analysis in price comparison websites
Helps you to get information about products, about its higher and lowest price and your position in product lists of comparison sites.
Check of URL indexation status
Helps you to find URLs that are not indexed and helps you to find out what is the reason for that. A search engine can not display pages that are not indexed in search results.
Keyword suggestions from search engines
Finds you all possible suggestions from “Autocomplete” for the specific keyword. You'll find it useful when working on keyword analysis or when looking for new content inspiration.
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