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8 Marketing Miner features you probably didn’t know about

Author: Iveta Osobová
6 minutes of reading
16. 7. 2019
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Marketing Miner gives you the opportunity to get a comprehensive analysis of any keyword or website. With all the tool's features, chances are you might be overlooking some key elements that are right at your fingertips. They will help you to save time, work more efficiently, and enhance your SEO strategy.

We created a list of 8 features you probably didn’t know about to make the most out of Marketing Miner

  1. Content Gap Analysis
  2. Brand Monitoring 
  3. Data Extractors
  4. Index Checker 
  5. Page Speed 
  6. Keyword Suggestions 
  7. Rank Tracking
  8. Contact Finder 

1) Content Gap Analysis

Content gap analysis is a process of identifying gaps in a website's content compared to the content of its search competitors. By conducting a content gap analysis, you can quickly identify new keyword opportunities and create relevant content for your website that can help improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic. 

The Content Gap feature automates the whole process for you. All you need to do is enter your domain name into Website Profiler and navigate to the Content Gap section. Then enter up to three of your main competitors in organic search to identify missed opportunities in your SEO strategy.

2) Brand Monitoring 

Our Brand monitoring feature allows you to track and manage your business reputation by monitoring mentions of your brand, top products, services or competitors. It helps you identify and respond to any negative comments or feedback in a timely manner, and prevents potential damage to your brand reputation. By monitoring your brand and your competitors, you can also identify new opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and other business development opportunities

Listening to your customer's opinions and feedback can help you improve your offerings and customer experience, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Just navigate to your Project and start tracking mentions of any word or phrase to ensure you find all important conversations in your niche. You can set up email notifications to spot emerging trends before they are history. Plus, you can download data to Excel or Looker Studio reports.

Thanks to our Projects API, you can monitor mentions directly in your tools.Brand monitoring graph in Marketing Miner

3) Data Extractors

If you use Google Search Console, you probably noticed that Google Search Console interface is limited to exporting 1,000 rows per report only. In Google Analytics, it is also impossible to export over 5,000 data rows per report, which limits the ability to see patterns on larger-scale sites.

So what if you’re an eCommerce site with thousands of landing pages? 

Our Data Extractors are completely free and without limits. This popular feature allows our users to download data from Search Console or Google Analytics in a second. Just connect your account, select a date range, and choose the type of data you wish to download. 


4) Bulk Index Checker

Site indexing is one of the most crucial SEO elements, as search engines can’t show your content in search results if your site is not indexed. To improve your search engine visibility, you must ensure your web pages are indexed first. It sometimes happens that search engines don’t index some of your website content. 

How can you check in bulk whether your pages are indexed and if there are any issues? Try our bulk Index Checker to find out! 

Here's a short video tutorial on how to work with this tool:  


5) Bulk Page Speed Checker and Core Web Vitals 

Page Speed and Core Web Vitals are part of Google's Page Experience signals used to measure user experience. As searchers become more and more demanding, improving your website speed and user experience is a must to help your site move up in search engine rankings

Our PageSpeed Miner in Reports analyzes multiple URLs to measure your load speed and core web vitals score. It also detects issues that slow your website down

6) Keyword Suggestions

Are you looking for new keyword ideas for your website? Marketing Miner offers a whole variety of tools to enrich your keyword research. 

Probably the most widely used is Keyword Profiler which provides a quick keyword data overview. With this tool, you will learn what questions people ask in your niche, find similar keywords to your search query and analyze their important SEO metrics. Currently, our database exceeds 395 million ​​of the most popular keywords with a search volume higher than 10. All data is updated daily and we keep adding new keywords every day. 

If you are looking for a way to analyze multiple keywords in bulk, our batch keyword tools will help find topic ideas that people are searching for on search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, Seznam, or Wikipedia.

Keyword Prospecting tools in Marketing MinerThese three keyword research tools will help you discover hundreds of new keywords related to any topic by automatically generating Google's search suggestions, related search queries or suggestions from different search engines.


7) Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking lets you track a website’s daily or weekly rankings for your target keywords. You can choose any country and keywords you wish to track. In the Competitors section, you can monitor up to 5 competitors and compare their rankings. 

Market Share is a key metric to show which competitors rank most frequently for your tracked keywords in organic search.  
Market share metric in Competitors sectionMM TIP: If you are unsure what keywords to track, use Website Profiler below to see which keywords you are already ranking for. Or enter your seed keywords and top products to find new keyword suggestions. 

You can also import rank tracking data to the following tools: Looker Studio, Keboola, or Google Sheets.

MM TIP: Try the SERP Position tool if you want to compare your current keyword rankings to the competitors’ ranking positions. After selecting the tool in Reports, navigate to its Advanced Settings and add up to five competitors and the location you want to check your current rankings from. We also list their titles and landing pages so you can spy on them. 

SERP position report in Marketing Miner

8) Contact Finder 

Contact Finder is highly useful for outreach and link building. Find contact details from websites or bloggers you want to collaborate with. All you need to do is enter your list of prospect websites and our Contact Finder will do all the manual work for you. 

In Marketing Miner, you can analyze up to 100,000 domains per report. Contact Finder discovers the most frequently used email adresses, 'Contact Us' page URL, and business's social media profiles on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 



Whether you are a business owner, digital marketer or SEO specialist, Marketing Miner will be your best bet to improve your SEO strategy, save time and work more efficiently. Our toolset provides over 40 features, and we created this handy guide to walk you through all of them. Happy data mining!

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