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Automation and data-driven approach is nowadays becoming a new standard reaching to the field of SEO. We have decided to make a step towards users who work with big data and Excel or Google Data Studio are no longer option for them. Therefore you can now easily connect Marketing Miner with Keboola Connection.

What is Keboola

Keboola is a Czech company running cloud tool called Keboola Connection. Just to explain very briefly, the tool is working as an universal environment for extraction, transformation and, last but not least, writing data to another tools. Biggest advantage of Keboola lies in its great options for effective data transformations and orchestration of multiple processes.

Marketing Miner extractor

Data extraction is held by Extractors. There are Extractors for several dozens of tools. For example Google Analytics, YouTube, AdWords or Facebook. And now also for Marketing Miner.

Marketing Miner Extractor

With our Extractor, you can extract project data for keyword rank tracking.

Configuration is very easy.

Configuration of Extractor in Keboola Connection

1. Input a project ID. This can be found in the URL of your project in Marketing Miner.

Project ID in Marketing Miner

2. Choose time interval for your data extraction. Interval can be increased incrementally.

3. Make sure that you are using Template called Basic.

4. Run the job. When it finishes, go to the Storage. There you should check Data sample from imported data table.

Check imported data in the Storage

What's next

Very briefly for those, who are unexperienced with Keboola. In the next phase you'd prepare and perform data transformations by using SQL, R or Python. Transformations are used for data modifications and interconnecting data from different sources.

Finalised data tables can be exported to several tools or databases for further processing, saving or visualising. This is done by so called Writers. There are Writers for many tools like GoodData, Tableau or Elasticsearch.

In conclusion

We fully understand that Keboola is not for everybody. It's amazing tool for larger companies and agencies which are working with much greater volumes of data. Keboola is helping them with simplyfing data management for example for evaluation of SEO activities and effective reporting.

If your not an experienced power user with big data ambitions you should rather try Google Data Studio. If you don't know how to use it, you might find helpful our article How to connect project rank tracking reports to Google Data Studio.

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Zdeněk Nešpor

Zdeněk is content strategist at Marketing Miner. He is focused on technical SEO and SEO analytics for large websites. He is also an author of LINK-BRAIN website.

Zdeněk Nešpor

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