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New features in MM in March 2020

Author: Filip Podstavec
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21. 4. 2020
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March was a busy month for Marketing Miner, as we have released new competitor analysis features and organized a free virtual conference SEO4Life with an excellent line-up of search experts.

New features in March 2020

Competitor Analysis in Projects

The long-awaited position comparison with the competitors is finally here! You should now be able to see the Competition section for all your projects. All you have to do is to fill in competitors’ domains to be able to compare your results.

In terms of analysis, you can filter out tracked keywords to see if you're ranking higher than your competitors for different search queries.

HINT: You can see an example of the Competition section here:

How to conduct your Competitor Analysis

Get started by clicking the Competition in the Project menu section.

Projects - compeition in menu

Next, click the Competitors settings button at the top right of the screen.

Competitors settings in Marketing Miner projects

Add all competitors’ domains you would like to compare. Please be sure to enter the domain without "www" or "https://".

Enter domain of your competition

Don’t forget to save changes to add all domains to your competition analysis to see results.


HINT: You can edit your competitor domain in the Settings section anytime you want.

Competitor analysis with one-time rank tracking

We also updated the SERP position miner (One-time rank tracking) where you can add and analyse your competitors. In the Miner section, click on the Advanced settings button to add up to five competitor domains.

HINT: Here is an example of how such a report can look like:

SEO4Life - a beneficial live stream about SEO and marketing

With SEO conferences being cancelled all over the world, we decided to organize SEO4Life, a beneficial live stream with top SEO specialists from over the globe.

The event was streamed on 2nd April 16:00 - 20:00 CET and packed with eight actionable presentations. You can find more information about the conference, including the presentation slides, videos and notes, on this website:

New local SERP feature added - Find results on

Have you seen the latest local search display feature “Find results on” that shows directory results above the Map Pack?

Great news! Marketing Miner can now detect this SERP feature in Project section too. Not only you can see if your website appears in there, but you can also track what position you’re ranking at for a keyword.

Improved UX in Backlinks section

This is how we improved UX in Baclinks section for your projects:

  • We added the title with the URL of the page that points to an analysed domain
  • When checking the link status, you can now find a tooltip with brief information
  • More responsive design updates

More Marketing Miner news

  • Bug fixed and minor front end updates (Thank you for taking the time to comment and help us improve our website!)
  • We also changed our email marketing tool to improve our email deliverability. You should now receive all our emails successfully
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