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​​Latest SEO news you need to know - January 2024

Author: Iveta Osobová
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7. 2. 2024
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Welcome to our latest SEO news roundup for January 2024! While we may not have witnessed any earth-shattering algorithm changes, we've come across some intriguing reads and important updates. What trends do you anticipate for 2024? Could we see further integration of AI and automation in the SEO landscape? Will voice search continue growing? Dive in to learn more.

Google updates

Google revealed new ways to search - Google launched new search features, including Circle to Search and an AI-powered multisearch experience to help users search more naturally. Users can now select a specific area of interest within an image using a simple gesture. With the AI-multisearch experience, users can either take a photo or upload it to ask about it in the search box and promptly receive an answer. Google appears to launch another test called the Refine This Search filter, an overlay that offers additional options to narrow down search results and simplify the process of finding what the user is looking for.

Circle to search
Image source: Google blog

Google Business Profile websites will be switched off in March 2024 - Webmasters using Google Business Profile should check their online presence to ensure a smooth transition and online visibility. The redirection to the Business Profile will remain active until June 10th, 2024. After this date, the redirection functionality will cease to work.

Google confirmed a search ranking bug where sites disappeared from search results - This bug resulted in temporary fluctuations in search results around January 20th for a limited number of websites. According to Google, "We're aware of a very narrow issue that caused temporary fluctuations in search results for a small number of websites. The issue has since been resolved, and the sites should no longer be experiencing its effects."

Google has started phasing out third-party cookies - The search giant is going forward with sweeping changes to how companies track users online and this change is critical to the digital ad industry. To facilitate testing, Google Chrome has already restricted third-party cookies by default for 1% of users to limit cross-site tracking on the web. Google will ramp up third-party cookie restrictions to 100% of users from Q3 2024.

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TikTok videos aren't new to Google SERPs. They have consistently appeared in search results, although they were never granted prominent placement. Many people have noticed that TikTok videos are now showing in Search Generative Experience and featured snippets too. Users can either see a TikTok video being displayed directly in an SGE result or TikTok video's caption presented directly in featured snippets.

Tik Tok featured snippets in Google
Image source: Carrie Rose 

Google is changing how search results appear for EU citizens

Google is adjusting its search results for EU citizens ahead of the forthcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules scheduled to come into play in March. Google will also introduce choice screens for Android users to select their preferred default search engine. European users can expect to see additional consent banners related to data sharing. Opting out of linking services might lead to limited functionality.  

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