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Domain analysis with Marketing Miner in one click

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21. 1. 2019
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We have quite big news in Marketing Miner. And we think it is awesome! Let us introduce you our new domain profiler.

I want to check new domain profiler now!


Now you don't need all ahrefs, majestic or similirarweb tools. You don't even need our Miners for competition analysis.


From this day you just need Marketing Miner and domain of your competitor to do any fundamental competition analysis.

You can find out in just one click estimated traffic of the website, its organic and paid traffic, a summary of link portfolio, web technology or owner of the website.

One click report is not the only advantage of this new feature.

Another advantage of the domain profiler regards especially small markets like Slovakia or the Czech Republic. Until now we haven't had enough data about domain visibility from organic and paid traffic for these markets. This was the result of global tools that don't have a database that would cover enough data for such a small countries. That's why Marketing Miner plays important role in these markets. We have much more data available which makes the work much more convenient.

As we don't want to stall you any longer, let's check out the new profiler.

In the insert box below you can try it out right away. Just insert your domain or domain of your competitor and check out the results and features for yourself.

Process and check data for this domain

When you are done, come back to the article. We still have a few interesting information for you about domain profiler. You will find out for whom is profiler suitable, when to use it and how exactly does it work.

Or if you can wait 3 more minutes, let's finish article right now and afterward you can go for as much testing as you want.

For whom is the domain profiler suitable?

For all marketers!

When you want to create a big picture for yourself about your competitor site or about the site where you go for inspiration, just insert its domain to Marketing Miner and you will get all the information that is available through data about keywords from our database.

The section with organic traffic and section about link profile might be interesting mostly for

SEO specialists and linkbuilders:

When you are one of them, you will probably find very handy to spy on your competitors.

  • Thanks to the profiler you can easily find out for which keywords are your competitors ranking and you are not. This information is important and you might use it when working on content gap analysis.
  • Besides that, you can regularly follow month-to-month development of organic rankings and traffic of your website or website of your competitors.
  • We would also like to put into attention the filter function SERP extension which will allow you to filter the keywords that contain a specific type of extension (like image, video or shopping) and afterward you can make changes in your content and try to squeeze in between SERP extension with your domain as well.
  • Last but not least. Link profile of domain might be useful mostly for link builders who are working on link prospecting.

Of course, we can't leave behind

PPC specialists:

If you are PPC specialist as well, you have available the whole section with paid traffic, in which you can filter as you want and easily find out for which keywords are your competitors advertising.

When you might use the domain profiler?

As we already mentioned a few times, you will use it mostly when analyzing competition or analyzing different kind of websites that you need to analyze through the different channels.

Instead of checking the domain in many different tools or combining Miners in Marketing Miner, you can just insert domain into the domain profiler and you will find out the most important information about it in one click.

You will also use a profiler when you are doing business in small markets like Slovakia or the Czech Republic. If you had previously suffered when analyzing competition just because the Ahrefs database is too small considering these markets, you don't have to be despair anymore. Let us explain why.

Statistics and information about the domain profiler

We generate keyword ideas, their visibility, and estimated traffic based on the search keywords and the first 100 search results for those keywords. In our database we have:

  • more than 2 million search keywords for the Czech market
  • more than 1 million search keywords for the Slovak market and
  • about 4.5 million search keywords for the Polish market.

For the Slovak and Czech markets, we have a much larger database of visibility than Ahrefs, which basically means that we are the strongest player in terms of the range of data we provide.

By the way, we are updating our data once a month.

Soon, there will be also available organic traffic growth in recent months and change of rankings over the previous month. Just save for yourself the URLs of the domains you want to follow.

Domain profiler is available for all pricing plans. The only limitation is for users of Minee package, who can only see the first 10 keywords. As paying users, you have all the available data and it is up to you what kind of data you want to export afterward.

Finally, it is time to try everything for yourself, if you haven't done it already. Below is the input box where you can insert your domain:


Process and check data for this domain

Or you can check out one of our examples.


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