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New Project limits - more flexible plans

Author: Iveta Osobová
1 minute of reading
20. 3. 2023
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We have great news for all Marketing Miner users with multiple projects! Your feedback is very important to us and thanks to it, we have now set new limits in the Projects section. Our new limits allow users to track website rankings with greater flexibility and efficiency.

Rank Tracking limits at the account level

New Project limits are set at the account level, not for individual projects. Thanks to this update, you can adjust the rank tracker keyword limits and rankings check frequency across different projects. 

Currently, you can track up to 40,000 keywords per day, or 100,000 words per week, in one project (depending on your subscription plan).

When upgrading your plan in the Pricing section, you can easily define the number of tracked keywords and their measurement frequency.

 Custom plan

In the Subscription Settings section, you can see an overview of all limits associated with your subscription plan, including how many keywords (or URLs) are still available to track.

Subscription settings

Thanks to this overview, you can easily monitor your used units and plan next actions across all your projects in Marketing Miner. Whether you're working on one or multiple projects, the new limits give you the freedom to work as you need

Update your rank tracking limits and start working more efficiently with Marketing Miner today!

Are you thinking about making the switch from a different SEO tool?

If you are currently tracking your search engine rankings in another SEO tool and are considering switching to Marketing Miner, our team can import your data for individual projects.

There is no need to worry about losing your historical data when switching to Marketing Miner.

Migrating data from any SEO Tool

We can migrate the rank tracking data from almost any SEO tool. What's more, if you are transitioning from different SEO tool, we also have a welcome gift in store for you! To learn more, simply book a demo call with our team or click on the chat icon located in the bottom right corner and we will be happy to help you.

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