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Latest SEO news you need to know - November 2023

Author: Iveta Osobová
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6. 12. 2023
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On 2nd November, Google announced the November 2023 core update. It took 25 days to roll out. This core update marks the second major algorithm change in as many months and is likely the longest one since Google started announcing them.

Just a week later, Google also rolled out the November 2023 reviews update. This update represents a change in Google's approach to handling review-based content going forward. Instead of making regular announcements, the update will continuously assess reviews, blog posts, and opinion-based content. If a website’s content is primarily reviews, the system will evaluate all of it. Therefore, websites that offer reviews should prioritize adhering to Google's quality guidelines to align with this new system. Initially, this update will impact reviews-based content in English, but Google suggests that it may extend to other languages in the future. To learn more about how to create quality content, see this helpful guide on how to write high-quality reviews.

Rank tracking Google algo changes
MM TIP: Did you know that we automatically add notes on days with major Google updates that might influence your rankings? You can reference these notes in Rank Tracking to see if there are any changes in your organic search traffic. 

Google Search Console added robots.txt report

​Google announced a new robots.txt report in Google Search Console that will replace the old robots.txt tester tool. The new report shows what information Google has on your robots.txt file, with the ability to request a recrawl for emergency situations. If you're experiencing indexing and crawling problems, this report can provide additional insights into whether the issue might be connected to your robots.txt file.

New robots.txt tester in Google Search Console
Image Source: Google Search Central

More Google updates: Follow and Notes

Last month, Google announced some more interesting changes to search. 

Users can now tap the follow button in Google SERPs to follow multiple topics and sites (soon) as well. This new experiment is intended to deliver users a more tailored and personalized search experience. You can also turn notifications on for these to be updated if Google finds something that its systems think is timely and important for you. The follow button is only available in the US for now. 

Google also announced Notes, which will let users share their comments and feedback right on Search to help others find the best answers to their random questions. However, they do not impact the rankings of those pages in Google Search. This new experiment is only in beta and is currently available in the US and India.

Notes (new Google Experiment in SERP)
Image source: Google

Google Search quality raters guidelines updated 

On 16th November, Google updated their Search Quality Rater Guidelines to simplify the Needs Met scale definitions, and add more modern examples such as short-form video formats, and other minor changes. None of these changes involve any major alterations. While search quality evaluators' ratings don't directly affect rankings, they offer feedback that helps Google improve its algorithms.

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New markup support for Organization details, including Logo structured data

Google expanded its support for Organization markup, including validation support in the Rich Results test. Businesses can now provide more details such as address or contact details that help users more easily find them on Google Search. Check out Google's documentation to see what information you can mark up to make your business more accessible online.

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We added a new feature to let our users select whether they prefer keyword search volume data from the Marketing Miner database (using click-stream data) or from Google Keyword Planner. 

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