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Latest SEO news you need to know - November 2022

Author: Iveta Osobová
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2. 12. 2022
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With the holiday season in full swing, there is not much time to keep up with the latest industry news. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Catch up on the latest updates, interesting reads, and actionable tips you shouldn't miss with our latest SEO news roundup. 

New guide to Google Search ranking systems

Google published a new guide to their automated ranking systems with new terminology to use when talking about Google “updates”. Going forward, Google will be more precise with its wording when differentiating systems from updates

The new guide thoroughly explains how Google ranks search results and it is a must-read for all search marketers. It also covers systems involved with specific ranking needs, such as local news or product reviews systems. 

Here is a list of Google ranking systems that are no longer part of its ranking systems:

  • Hummingbird
  • Mobile-friendly ranking system (it has been incorporated into Google’s page experience system)
  • Page speed system (it has been incorporated into Google’s page experience system)
  • Panda system (it became part of Google’s core ranking systems in 2015)
  • Penguin system
  • Secure sites system (it has been incorporated into Google’s page experience system)

November SEO office hours

In November, Google published another episode of SEO office hours with a new setup. This time you will hear answers from Google's Search team: Gary Illyes, Lizzi Sassman, John Mueller, Alan Kent, and Duy Nguyen. They covered interesting topics such as impact of backlinks for ranking, HTTP/3 and SEO, indexing issues, product reviews, and many more!

Watch the full video here: 

New Shopping tab in Search Console

Eligible eCommerce sites using product structured data can now use a new section in Search Console called Shopping tab listings. In this section, merchants are now able to quickly create a Merchant Center account without having to re-verify their website ownership. Thanks to this new feature, you apparently no longer need to submit a product feed. All you have to do is keep your product structured data up-to-date to help get your products quickly on the Shopping tab in search results.


WordPress 6.1 “Misha” 

The third and last major release of WordPress of 2022 is finally here, and it introduced over 400 core enhancements and bug fixes. WordPress 6.1 comes with the new default Twenty Twenty-Three theme with eleven theme styles that you can play around with. It gives users plenty of customization tools in a more coherent interface than a classic theme. There are also improved design tools allowing users to have more control of their page’s design and layout.

 If you haven’t updated your WordPress to get the latest features, security updates, and overall improvements, now it’s time to do so!  


Our Top 5 SEO reads

SEO and Copywriting: The Ultimate Guide

If you don’t consider SEO when creating content for your website, then you may be missing out on tons of opportunities to convert more customers. This useful beginner's guide covers all the important information you need to know about SEO to help you write copy that ranks high on Google. 

Biggest Challenges Facing SEO in 2023

What are the biggest trends and opportunities in SEO for next year? And what are the biggest threats and challenges? Search Engine Journal asked over 3,600 SEO professionals to share their insights into the current state of our industry to find the greatest expected shifts in SEO in 2023. 


Disavowing Links - What You Really Need to Know

With Google saying that they ignore spammy links pointing to your website, do you ignore them too or go down the disavow route to be on the safe side? James Ewen briefly explained what you really need to know about disavowing links. 


The New GBP (Formerly GMB) in-Search Experience – A Visual Guide

Google changed forever the way how to update Google Business Profiles and merchants now have to use the in-search experience as a default. Ben Fisher created this great visual walkthrough of the new GBP in-search experience to help you quickly edit and manage your business profile.  


Mastodon: The new way to connect with other SEO pros

With the recent developments on Twitter, part of the SEO community is now slowly moving to Mastodon. Fili Wiese put together what search marketers need to know about joining Mastodon, along with tips to help you get started and participate in discussions. 


Marketing Miner Insights 

New Reports Update  

Our Reports section has a new look. And this new update is all thanks to you! We’ve listened to your feedback and released a new version of the Reports section.

What’s new? 

  • new floating sidebar on the right to quickly navigate between each step of the process
  • we added little icons next to the tools where you can read their description and check how they work
  • you can also return to the previous steps and edit your input data anytime
  • new buttons for importing your data to make the whole process more intuitive
  • after uploading a sitemap, you can now remove multiple URLs that you do not wish to work with
  • minor bugs have been fixed to work with multiple data and sitemap formats
  • final data-check before analyzing them to save you some credits. Here, you’ll be able to review information such as your target country and selected tools, report name, number of imported data rows and the total amount of credits to be charged.

We hope you enjoy the update as much as we do. 
new reports update

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