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​​Latest SEO news you need to know - March 2024

Author: Iveta Osobová
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3. 4. 2024
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In March 2024, Google released many enhancements to address spam and low-quality content to improve its search quality. Dive into the latest SEO news you need to stay ahead of these changes and ensure your digital strategies align with the evolving search landscape.

Google updates 

Google March 2024 Core Update was announced on March 5th, 2024. It aims to improve the quality of search by prioritizing high-quality and useful content over unoriginal or clickbait-driven articles. This update is a game-changer, as it causes significant ranking changes and alters the way Google identifies content helpfulness. As this update is complex, it will take approximately a month to fully implement. While some ranking changes may already be noticeable, they could be influenced by various systems rolling out at different times and affecting each other. We suggest waiting for Google to confirm the completion of the update rollout to accurately assess how your website has been impacted once the new ranking systems are fully in effect.

Google Spam March 2024 Update took only two weeks to implement. It targeted primarily AI-generated content, expired domain abuse, and web authority abuse. The first two policies were promptly enforced, while the site reputation abuse policy will come into effect starting in May. Google swiftly issued multiple manual actions to address spam issues, promising to remove up to 40% of low-quality websites that offer little value and deliver a poor user experience. 

Google March 2024 update in Marketing Miner graph

MM TIP: Did you know that we automatically add notes on days with major Google updates that might influence your rankings? You can reference these notes in Rank Tracking to see if your website has been affected by the March 2024 core update or spam update.

INP is now a Core Web Vitals metric. On 12th March, Google replaced the FID (First Input Delay) metric with INP (Interaction to Next Paint). However, fixing INP issues won't directly guarantee improved rankings in Google Search, as page experience isn't a standalone system. 

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TOP SEO reads

837 Sites Deindexed by the Google March 2024 AI Spam Manual Action

Ian Nuttall analyzed the impact of Google's recent spam AI manual action during the March 2024 core update. Out of 49,345 sites analyzed, 837 were completely deindexed. This resulted in a loss of over 20,756,785 monthly organic traffic visits, and an estimated $446,552 per month in lost display ad revenue.

The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce SEO

Explore this guide to learn about e-commerce SEO and why it is crucial for the online retail sector. It also covers actionable e-commerce SEO tips to outrank competitors and promote your brand's visibility in search results. 

Google Unleashes Manual Actions Galore after Search Spam Policy Updates

Google recently implemented numerous manual actions, visible in Google Search Console, following the release of its updated search spam policies. These actions were primarily enforced right after Google's announcement.

How to Write SEO Content: 15 Easy Strategies for SEO Success

For those seeking to improve their online visibility, SEO offers a powerful solution. It involves optimizing a website to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. A crucial aspect of this optimization is content. This article covers the importance of SEO and tips on how to write content that can help you rank higher on search engines.

how to write seo content

Who Sends Traffic on the Web and How Much?

A recent study conducted by SparkToro and Datos highlights Google's significant dominance in directing online traffic. According to the study, Google accounts for a remarkable 63.41% of all website traffic referrals in the US.

What is White-Label SEO?

Have you heard of white-label SEO? White-label SEO is a popular strategy utilized by marketing agencies to save time and resources while offering comprehensive SEO services to clients. This blog provides a comprehensive overview of white-label SEO, including its benefits and how you can leverage it to expand your business.

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