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Latest SEO news you need to know - May 2024

Author: Iveta Osobová
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4. 6. 2024
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Welcome to the May 2024 edition of our SEO newsletter, where we focus on the most important updates and trends in the SEO landscape. Here's what you need to know:

Google AI Overviews

Google's AI Overviews have now officially launched in the US and currently creating a lot of discussion within the SEO community. These AI-generated answers appear at the top of Google search results, offering a quick summary of a user’s query. They can also link to source articles. However, the rollout has faced mixed reactions due to concerns about the accuracy of the information and its potential negative impact on organic traffic.

Currently, the feature triggers only under specific conditions: users must be in the US, logged into their Google account, and using Google Chrome in a non-incognito mode. Early data suggests that AI Overviews show up in around 14% of queries, but the impact on website traffic remains a point of contention among SEOs. Google plans to expand AI Overviews to more countries by the end of the year, aiming to reach over a billion users globally.

Google AI overviews
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Kevin Indig's latest study shows that AI Overviews have a slight negative impact on traffic, with pages not cited experiencing a 2.8% decrease and cited pages seeing an 8.9% decrease. This suggests that AIOs often satisfy user queries, leading users to skip referred pages and click on regular organic results instead. However, other studies indicate that appearing in AIOs can benefit product-related searches.

Read Aleyda Solis's guide to learn more about tracking your AI Overview inclusions and traffic impact: 

On top of that, Google has also started testing ads within AI Overviews. This means that existing Search, Performance Max, and Shopping campaigns may soon be eligible to appear in these new AI-generated sections of search results. This move could reshape how ads are displayed and interacted with on SERPs​.

Key Announcements from Google I/O 2024

Google I/O 2024 brought several key updates for services like Android, Search, or Workspace.

  • Generative AI: Expanded AI Overviews now offer more detailed planning and research functions, with a new brainstorming feature for tailored suggestions. The revamped search engine with AI could be a major game-changer in how people find information online. 
  • Interactive video search: Users can ask questions about video content, which AI will then analyze and provide detailed explanations and resources. It is poised to revolutionize educational content, tutorials, and entertainment by offering a more dynamic and user-friendly way to interact with video media.
  • New Gemini 1.5 Pro Model: This advanced AI model and one of Google’s most powerful large language model is now available globally for all developers and could significantly improve understanding and communication with AI. 

These updates highlight Google's commitment to innovative and responsible AI advancements. Read more about Google I/O 2024: here

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Leaked Google Search Documentation

Recently leaked internal Google documents have provided new insights into its algorithms and what type of data Google collects. It revealed key attributes like siteAuthority and sourceType

The siteAuthority attribute indicates a site-wide authority score, which evaluates the overall trustworthiness and credibility of a domain, contradicting Google's previous denials. For a deeper dive, check out Rand Fishkin’s and Michael King’s articles.  

March Core Update & Spam Updates

While Google claims to have reduced 45% of unhelpful content in its search results, the March 2024 updates appear to have made broader changes. In this article, Lily Ray identified key trends:

  • Reddit's SEO growth: Reddit saw significant visibility growth due to Google's "Hidden Gems" update, which boosted forum and discussion content.
  • Visibility drop for news and affiliate sites: Many informational and affiliate sites experienced a decline in visibility, impacting various content types.
  • Reduction in unhelpful content: Google claimed a 45% reduction in unhelpful content, targeting sites with aggressive ads and AI-generated content.
  • No recovery for affected sites: Sites affected by the September Helpful Content Update saw further declines, with no known traffic recoveries.

Boost Your Visibility with Video SEO

Video is a rapidly growing format for both consumers and marketers, offering a way to condense complex topics into engaging and shareable content. To help you stand out, video SEO is essential. Key steps include ensuring videos are indexed by providing metadata, improving ranking through optimized titles, thumbnails, and descriptions, and continuously monitoring performance. High-quality, relevant content and promoting videos across various platforms can drive more traffic. Regular updates and strong calls-to-action are also crucial. Learn more about these strategies in our latest article.

Video SEO article

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