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Big profiler update (Keyword + Website)

Author: Tomáš Novák
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15. 6. 2021
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We’ve been busy working on the biggest Marketing Miner update ever. Initially, we introduced you to our keyword database update. But this week, we have something even more exciting to share with you: New profilers! 

Thanks to these new tools, you will be able to analyze any URL and prefixes, look at pages or subdomains with the highest search visibility score, traffic change from organic or paid search results, other SERP feature types, and much more. 

New profilers in Marketing Miner 

The update is mostly focused on new features, new (better quality) data, and also UX changes to improve our profilers’ usability. Here's what has changed:

Website profiler

One of the recent changes to Domain profiler is renaming it to Website profiler that has even more features. The main reason for renaming the tool is its new feature that can also analyze URLs (or prefixes). 

The new Website profiler allows you to:  

  • Analyze specific URL - to learn more about its search visibility and view keywords for which it shows in the top 100 search results. 
  • Analyze website’s presence in different SERP features - in total, we track 11 different SERP features to not only detect your website’s presence in them but also what traffic they bring. 
  • View estimated traffic growth - you can view estimated website traffic growth and traffic change from SERP features over time in our chart too. 
  • Find new/lost keywords - you can filter keywords that you recently started ranking for or those keywords for what your website no longer shows up in the SERPs. 
  • Discover TOP pages and TOP subdomains - discover the most popular landing pages of your domain or subdomain that bring the most website traffic, including their ranking keywords.  

In Website Profiler, you have now 4 different input data types to choose from: 

What you can analyze in Website profiler in Marketing Miner

New sections and features 

In the Profilers section, there is a new menu on the left that is divided into two sections: Keyword profilers and Website profiler

New menu in profilers

Keyword profiler

Keyword profiler consists of two subsections:

Keyword suggestions

After you add your keywords, you will see keyword suggestions together with their metrics such as keyword search volume, CPC, search volume YoY comparison, or trends. 

Keyword suggestions in Keyword profiler

Find out more information here: 


In this section, you can discover questions that people search for. These questions are related to keywords that you added as input data. 

Questions section in Marketing Miner

Read more about this feature here:

Website profiler

The Website profiler has been through the biggest transformation. Not only we renamed it, but we also added new subsections with more features that weren’t available in Domain profiler. 

Search visibility

After entering a domain (or URL) in the Search Visibility section, you can see all ranking keywords that are visible in organic, paid search results, or other SERP features. You can also view metrics such as ranking position or estimated traffic for each search query. 

Search Visibility - traffic change

The biggest update added to this section is monitoring keywords, positions and traffic (including its change over time) for 11 different SERP features: 

  • Organic
  • Paid
  • Shopping ads
  • Local pack
  • Featured snippet
  • News box
  • Knowledge graph
  • Images
  • Videos
  • People also ask
  • Find on website 

Thanks to the update, you can now discover all SERP features your website shows up for and identify those bringing the most traffic. 

SERP Features traffic change

Table of keywords - Search visibility

Find out more information about the Search visibility section here:

SERP features

In the Menu section, you can click on different SERP features to see traffic growth for different keywords that your site shows up for. 

Top pages

In this section, you can discover popular landing pages that show up in the search results, together with their traffic data. 

Top pages in Website profiler

Learn more about our Top pages section here:

Top subdomains

After entering your domain name, you can discover what popular subdomains generate the most traffic, together with all ranking keywords. 

Top subdomains in Website profiler

Find out more about our Top subdomains feature here:

Filters and exporting data

In the top right corner above each table, you can filter data based on certain parameters from other columns. This will allow you to only view data that you are interested in. You can also export them: 

Filters in Website profiler

INFO: The report charges 5 credits per keyword to export (in .CSV format).

Export data from profilers

New Profilers data 

We were able to develop new features and make all these changes thanks to new data gathered from the click-stream (third-party data about user behavior) that we use for CZ, SK, and PL markets. 

Although we originally intended to make this data available only for reports and projects sections (as announced in our Facebook post), we now uploaded them to profilers too. This database will be automatically updated on a regular basis. 

At the moment, we only work with keywords with a search volume of more than 3. In Keyword profiler, you can currently find: 

  • Czechia: 15 million keywords
  • Slovakia: 8 million keywords
  • Poland: 29 million keywords

In Website profiler, we regularly monitor the top 100 search results for:

  • 1 million of the most searched keywords in Slovakia
  • 2 million of the most searched keywords in Czechia
  • 4 million of the most search keywords in Poland

Minee plan limitations  

INFO: If you have a free Minee account, you will be able to view only the first 10 keywords that your website/landing page shows up for. If you want to view all ranking keywords, you will need to upgrade your plan.   


This is not our last Profilers update and we are already working on two more new Keyword profiler features to save your valuable time when working on keyword research. 

  • New keywords – to discover popular keywords that only recently started to be popular (keywords that people haven’t searched for before). 
  • Trending keywords – trending keywords that are more popular than ever before. 

We also plan to add three more Website profilers sections to save your time when working on Technical SEO audit. 

  • SERP competition – a list of competitor websites that appear in the SERPs for your keywords. 
  • Content gap analysis – you can do the whole content gap analysis in a few clicks by simply entering any domain or URL to find out what keywords your website doesn’t rank for, but your competitors do. 
  • Cannibalization – quickly find and fix keyword cannibalization issues. After adding your website domain, you can view a list of pages that target the same keyword. 
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