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Query classification can be useful either for the keyword analysis process or for any kind of a task where there is a bigger dataset of queries (e.g.from PPC). What does the categorization mean and how can we work with the outputs of it?

What is query categorization

Categorization means sorting queries based on their meaning into various thematic columns that also contains a more detailed specification of categorization (classification). For instance, a query SEO specialist Prague can be assorted into the category City and Name of service with classifications Prague and SEO. You can see such output example in the table below:

PhraseCityName of service
SEO specialist PraguePragueSEO
PPC consultPPC
Brno companyBrno

How to categorize in Marketing Miner

When you get to the One-time report creation, select Keyword Miners. At input, insert a list of queries that you wish to classify, get to the next step, check the Categorization miner and start the report creation.

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