Website testing and tutorials for webdesigners

Bulk audit of page load speed and usability.

Bulk check the data on page load speed and errors in usability of desktop and mobile version of websites accross entire sitemap, all at once.

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Tracking code setup check

Have you set up a tracking code of Tag Manager tool, Google Analytics or a different tool? Are you 100% sure you've done so everywhere? In this brief step-by-step we'll take a look at how to track eve

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Identification of CMS and used technologies of a web

Find out in bulk, what web technologies are used by your competitors or potential partners.

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Web security testing

How is the web doing in terms of security for its users? What are the gaps and what should be focused on?

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URL status codes checker and redirecting

Solutions for verification of status codes for bigger number of URLs, identification of unnecessary redirects and redirect chains

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Screenshot of mobile and desktop version of all URLs in sitemap

Analysis of a website display in mobile and desktop version can help reveal forgotten visual errors and and shows, what will a website look like in search engine preview/

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Bulk validation of the source code

Did you leave more errors in the source code in comparison with other looks? How to obtain data in bulk from the W3C validator for a bigger amount of URL?

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