Link building

Bulk data collection from Majestic

You can connect Marketing Miner with Majestic and collect data about backlinks to URL or domains in bulk.

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Backlink and link profile analysis and checker

How to create a quick audit of positions and benefits of your link profile, using Marketing Miner

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Broken Link Checker

Check your web regularly to see if it does not contain links to non-existent sources, which would cause a decrease in web reliability in the eyes of users and search engines.

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Bulk data collection from Ahrefs

By linking up the Marketing Miner with the Ahrefs tool, a user can collect data in bulk on links on URL or domains.

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Link prospecting and determining the competition in search

Quality market research is a cornerstone of every marketing strategy.

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Collecting contact information of a domain

Collecting contact information is often a lengthy and time consuming process for a link builder. How to make it easier?

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