Keyword research

Get search volume data and trends for keywords

Getting keyword search volume and trends can help user identify potentially interesting queries of full-text search engines search.

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Rank tracking

Rank tracking can give its users an overview of how they are doing when it comes to full text search engines, such as Google and queries connected to their business.

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Query categorization

Query classification can be useful either for the keyword analysis process or for any kind of a task where there is a bigger dataset of queries.

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Content analysis

Check and see in a few simple steps what are competitios websites target queries or what headlines do they use to attact user's attention. What is the readability of their content or what articles-se

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SERP (search results) analysis on Google

How does a structure of search results for a specific query look like?

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How to collect data in bulk from AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

Collect, in bulk, exact data on search volume of phrases that would be suggested by the AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool.

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