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Find out how to obtain data on products, their highest and lowest prices, your position in the product list and lots more from the product comparison websites such as or This information can be useful for eshops that can accordingly direct their bidding or pricing strategy. It also provides info on which products are paired correctly and which are not and that information can be used to optimize the input in the form of XML feed into a form that will lead to a higher traffic from these sources.
Step 1

Import of product names for which a user wants to obtain data

The ideal input for Product Miners is a product feed. Marketing Miner can process a feed from the following services:

The most frequent input is the entire feed of an eshop that can be imported by inserting the URL address into the box

Example of eshop feed import

And clicking on the Upload button. A user then selects a market, next to the button Select Miners, for which he wants to collect data and fills out the domain of his eshop. After clicking on Select Miners he then gets to the section of miner selection.

Step 2

Service selection and data collection

V sekci výběru minerů poté uživatel zvolí služby, ze kterých chce data o svých produktech získávat. K dispozici jsou následující služby:

Name of service Available on markets
HeurekaCZ, SK
IdealoDE, AU
eBayUS, UK, DE, AT, CH
PriceGrabberUS, UK
NexTagUS, UK, DE
Product miners selection

Output example

The example shown below is for a couple of eshops Mall.czin the comparison website Heureka.

Column description

List: Heureka
Product URL URL of found product in the service
Product nameProduct name
CategoryProduct category (if it's available within the given service)
# of competitorsNumber of eshops that sell given product
Highest priceThe highest price of product among eshops
Lowest priceThe lowest price of product among eshops
Your positionPosition of eshop domain input by a user in the list of eshops/products
Your pricePrice on user's eshop
Product ratingProduct user rating of a service (if it exists in given service)
# of product reviewsNumber of product user reviews of a service
Eshop [XXX] availabilityAvailability of a product of a competition's eshop that is on the list on the Xth position
Eshop [XXX] name Name of competition's eshop that is in the list on the Xth position
Eshop [XXX] pricePrice of given product of a competition's eshop that is on the list on the Xth position
Step 3

Output analysis

An output can then be analyzed by the user with a use of tools that can work with XSLX outputs. We recommend these step-by-step instructions of analysis below:

Excel instrustionsLink to download tool
OpenRefine instructionsLink to download tool
Tableau Public instructionsLink to download tool

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