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In Google search comes about, a client regularly observes distinctive sorts of advancements, scraps that can fundamentally impact their conduct. Most usually they are either boxes with parts of the substance as a response to a client's inquiry, or maps of restriction request, or pictures carousel. In singular search results, there could be audits, occasions and other derogation.

According to the type of the features, we divided them into Knowledge graph cards (knowledge graph, answer box,...) and Rich cards (star rating,...). Marketing Miner identifies these features in the miner SERP Analyzer and distinguishes its types as described below:

SERP markup

There are enhancements effecting entire SERP, but not concerning the look of the particular search results. They are divided into:

  • Knowledge graph - Features connected to knowledge graph data (and also Wikidata)
  • Answer box - There is a box on the upper part of search results that gives the user straight answer to a query without any need to click on any search result. Currently Marketing Miner distinguishes 14 types of these.
  • Extra - There are also other types of features on the first page of search results.
Knowledge graph cards

Knowledge panel

Knowledge panel is based on the data from Wikidata. It is usually best seen by known names and queries in which Google can definitely identify the required entity.

Example of knowledge panel in the right sidebar

Examples of queries:

Featured Snippet

Featured snippet is a box that appears mostly on the upper part of the search results. This box contains the straight answer to a query of a user with a link to the original URL in the bottom right corner. This snippet most commonly occurs with question related queries.

Example of featured snippet

Examples of queries:


Carousel doesn’t occur in the search result very commonly, it is a very rare case. But its influence on the look of the search is significant, because it covers the whole upper part of search results with attractive images. On the Czech market, it occurs almost exclusively only in searches regarding movies or movie theaters.

Example of carousel

Examples of queries:

Answer boxes

Currency Conversion (Currency conversion)

Currency converter

Examples of queries:

Dictionary (Dictionary)

Example of dictionaries in results

Examples of queries:

Disambiguation (Disambiguation)

Disambiguation of The predators query

Flights (Flights)

Example of displaying the details on a flight from Prague to Kuala Lumpur

Examples of queries:

General Converter (General Converter)

Unit converter

Examples of queries:


Info box


Examples of queries:

Related questions (Related questions)

Related questions of users within Google search results

Sports (Sports)

Club details

Examples of queries:

Stocks (Stocks)

Stocks movements in search results

Translation (Translator)

Translator in search results

Examples of queries:

Weather (Weather)

Weather as a search result

Examples of queries:

When is (When is)

Straight answer to when is Christmas

Examples of queries:

Extra markup of the first page

AdWords Top

Adwords ad in the upper part of the search results

AdWords Bottom

AdWords ad in the bottom part of search results

Images box (Image box)

Image box in Google search results

Local pack (Local search)

Map with local search

News (News)

News in the search results

Related search (Related search)

Related questions in the bottom part of search results

Search results markup

Enhancements regarding the look of individual search results.

Breadcrumbs (Breadcrumbs)

Breadcrumbs in Google search results

Events (Events)

Example of events in search result


HTTPS of search result

Image Thumbnail (Image Thumbnail)

Image Thumbnail in search result

Notable online (Notable Online)

Reviews/Stars (Reviews/Stars)

Search Box (Search Box)

Internal search box in search results


SiteLinks in Google search results


Twitter outputs in search results

Video Thumbnail (Video Thumbnail)

Video Thumbnail

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