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Getting keyword search volume and trends can help user identify potentially interesting queries of full-text search engines. Search volume is also important for keyword research. Marketing Miner allows user to collect data on a larger scale using search volume miner.
Step 1

Import keywords

To get a summary of queries search volume, it is necessary to first import particular queries into the miner. To do so, a user uses the section Keyword Miners, where he imports dataset of queries using one of the methods of import.

Import of keywords

It is useful to give the report a name, by clicking on Your report name that will make it easy to be identified. In case a user wants to save input dataset for future use, they can check the box Save Dataset.

Naming report

There is also an option for the user to select the country for which they want to collect data by clicking on the flag next to the button Select Miners.

Step 2

Selection of the miner that gets the data about search volume

In the miner selection, a user checks the box Search volume miner which collects data on keyword search volume.

Selection of Search volume Miner
Step 3

Collecting data

The user then has to click on Get data, which will move the user into the data processing section. Based on data volume, they are processed in the background and once completed; results are emailed to a user.

Getting data on search volume

Report example

Sample report

Column description

AdWords SearchVolumeIt determines search volume of an average monthly searches of a query in search engine Google. This is calculated as an average search volume for the last 12 months.
AdWords CpcEstimated price of a click to ads in search results for a given query.
[Year]-[Month]Search volume of a query for a given month (for ability to determine trending)
Step 4

Output analysis

An output can then be analyzed by user with by using tools that can work with XSLX outputs. Our experts recommend these step-by-step instructions of analysis below:

Excel instructionsLink to download tool
OpenRefine instructionsLink to download tool
Tableau Public instructionsLink to download tool

Google search volume

The tool at that point takes the data on query search volume on Google straight from Adwords. So it relies upon the tool that freely gives data on inquiry search volume on Google. The benefit of Marketing Miner is the way that it returns accurate data to the client and not only the ranges of month to month search volume, which has been as of late come back to advertisers that don't spend enough cash in AdWords. The second advantage of our tool is to allow the user to gather data in bulk. In AdWords, you can just get the most extreme of 800 rows at once.

Google search volume is displayed as a month to month search volume and this is computed as an average monthly search volume from last 12 months.

Google Trends

An alternative to Adwords can be the Google Trends tool. What is Google Trends? It is a tool in which a user can find a show a progress of queries search volume from 2004. The curved however does not contain exact data on search volume. It only helps determine query trends in the range of 0-100 in a timeframe.

Here is an example of a trend of query "seo" for the Czech Republic from 2004 until present:

This tool is very useful particularly for a long-term linking of search volumes that are used.

Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords keyword tool is a section in AdWords. Besides collecting data on query search volume on Google, it can show a user the most similar queries. You can find more useful information here:

Example of suggested queries for the SEO phrase by the Google Keyword Planner tool

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