Identification of CMS and used technologies of a web

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Find out in bulk, what web technologies are used by your comepetitors or potential partners.
Step 1

Import of domains, of which a user wants to analyze the used technologies

To import data, a user uses the sectionDomain Miners, where they import domain dataset using one of the methods of import. Example of domain import through clipboard in Domain Miners section

It is useful to give the report a name, by clicking on Dataset name that makes it easy to be identified. In case a user wants to save input dataset for future use for different purposes, they can check the box Save dataset.

Example of saving dataset

By clicking on Select Miner a user then gets to the miner selection.

Step 2

Miner selection and collecting data on identified technologies

In the miner selection section, a user selects Technology Detection Miner,which scans URLs and tries to identify used technologies on the website, such as CMS, analytics and many more.

Selection of Technology Detection miner

User then clicks on Get data, which will move them into data processing section. Based on data volume, they are processed in the background and once completed, results are emailed to a user.

Output example

Column description

List: Data
Keyword/URLDomain that a user collected data from
CMSIdentification of content management system(if the miner successfully identified it)
Google AdSenseDetection of use ofAdSense in the web source code
Google AnalyticsDetection of use ofin the code (in case it is put in using Tag Manager, it will not be seen)
Google RemarketingDetection of use of remarketing codes of services AdWords a Sklik
Google Tag ManagerDetection of use of Tag Manager in the source code
Facebook PixelDetection of use of Facebook Pixel in the code
Step 3

Output analysis

An output can then be analyzed by the user with a use of tools that can work with XSLX outputs. We recommend these step-by-step instructions of analysis below:

Excel instructionsLink to download tool
OpenRefine instructionsLink to download tool
Tableau Public instructionsLink to download tool

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