Automatic search for sitemap and RSS feed

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Do you need to automatically search for a sitemap or RSS feed of a bigger amount of domains? Feed Finder can help you with exactly that. It will automatically go over robots.txt, source code and the most common spots for these files for inserted domains and returns user a list of these sources.

Step 1

Input domain selection

Insert domains on input for feed search Step 2

Miner selection

In the second step, a user checks the Feed Finder miner and clicks on Get data.

Step 3

Data processing and analysis

A user gets a list of inserted domains and corresponding columns with RSS feeds and sitemaps, separated by commas, at output. The output can look like this:

Example of output report

Column description

Sitemap URLList of URL sitemap, separated by commas.
RSS feedList of URL RSS feeds, separated by commas.

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