Search volume

Insert phrases and get data on their monthly search volume in fulltext search engine Google. A cornerstone of every keyword analysis, successful campaign and every successful company. Get into people’s heads and find out what are they looking for.

This miner is suitable for:
SEO PPC Marketing Copywriting





  Social signals

Import your sitemap or a list of domains and immediately find out what parts of the content are shared the most and why. Discover the strenghts and the weaknesses of competition in terms of virality and the reach of created content and get inspired by the topics shared by the community. It obtains data from social networks: Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

This miner is suitable for:
Linkbuilding Copywriting






Autocomplete feature is a gateway to nested queries/suqueries. The users use them widely and so the presence of a query in autocomplete can considerably influence the search volume. At the same time it is the easiest way to long-tail queries. The Autocomplete Miner handles obtaining queries that would be suggested by different services (including search engines or price comparison websites) in case a user inserts a phrase at input.

This miner is suitable for:
SEO PPC Copywriting





  Content Analysis

Content audit of inserted URLs.It obtains information about content structure and returns data at output as: Title and headings, word/sentence count, paragraph count, meta tags and others.

This miner is suitable for:
Copywriting SEO





  Plagiarism Checker

What can we say? It is not easy to put together a great content. So it is devastating when someone steals it from you and uses it on their web. Plagiarism checker is responsible for identifying content thieves, who use parts or whole texts stolen from somebody else. Insert your sitemap and check to see if anyone is poaching your web!

This miner is suitable for:
Copywriting Linkbuilding SEO





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