Keyword miners

Keyword miners expect a phrase as an input (example, phrase, ...). See below what kinds of data can be obtained using this kind of input:






  Search volume

Insert phrases and get data on their monthly search volume in fulltext search engine Google. A cornerstone of every keyword analysis, successful campaign and every successful company. Get into people`s heads and find out what are they looking for.

This miner is suitable for:
SEO PPC Marketing Copywriting





  SERP Position

Get data on the position of your web on inserted queries in fulltext, image and video Google search results. Keep track of what`s working well and how are you doing!

This miner is suitable for:






Autocomplete feature is a gateway to nested queries/suqueries. The users use them widely and so the presence of a query in autocomplete can considerably influence the search volume. At the same time it is the easiest way to long-tail queries. The Autocomplete Miner handles obtaining queries that would be suggested by different services (including search engines or price comparison websites) in case a user inserts a phrase at input.

This miner is suitable for:
SEO PPC Copywriting






Which category do questions and comments of your target group belong to? Automatic categorization will help sort phrases by: Location, Price-oriented, For who, Questions/Comments and Colors.

This miner is suitable for:






Become aware of where your web or brand is talked about. Monitoring miner will periodically return data on where were inserted topics/brands mentioned/talked about in the last day, week or month!

This miner is suitable for:
SEO Linkbuilding Marketing





  Adwords Suggest

Have you ever input a query into AdWords and tediously downloaded suggested phrases into SCV one by one? No need to do that anymore! Insert hundreds of phrases at input and Miner will download a suggestion along with a search volume/frequency from AdWords for each one of them and returns a cumulative output.

This miner is suitable for:





  Similar websites

Market research in one click! Insert a set of phrases that should reflect websites you`re trying to get. Marketing Miner will then put them in Google, gets relevant domains and returns them to you with the number of occurances of your input phrases.

This miner is suitable for:





  SERP Ads

Who are your primary competitors? What phrases are seen in paid advertisement in search results? What kinds of ads do they use? Find out more about paid ads in search, get inspired and stand on the shoulders of giants!

This miner is suitable for:





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