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„To collect data for a web audit, materials for keyword research, info on your competition quickly and all under one roof hasn’t been easier. Thanks to the fact that Marketing Miner aggregates lots of tools, our specialists are more effective and faster. Furthermore, Marketing Miner has a great academy, showing how to work with data. Thanks, Filip!“

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E-shop  Firma
Robin Rozhon

„Marketing Miner not only helps perform everyday tasks but it's also a great helper for web audits. The tool allows you to collect tons of information from multiple sources and sends you an email notification once the job is done. Time is the most valuable asset and Marketing Miner does the hard and time-consuming work while you can focus on analyzing collected data and taking actions.“

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Robin Rozhon
Online marketer  Freelancer

„Our SEO consultants appreciate fast bulk checks of page indexation, bulk mining of keyword suggestions from various services, rank tracking in image search and many more unique functions. PPC specialists like the fact that they can quickly find out who advertize in paid ads for the same keywords and what those ads look like. Competition research is also used by sales people and analysts love all the tools for numbers mining. This is simply the tool for the whole marketing family!“

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online agentura  Agentura

„Marketing Miner is a wonderful tool that saves us a lot of time every month here at our agency. It makes our keyword research more effective (simplify search volume mining process, find tons of words from suggestions and help with word categorization), search for more info on domains when collecting backlinks or data mining from Heureka and Zbozi.cz. It’s also great how the tool is always developing and adding more functions…“

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Pavel Martinovský

„Rambo relies on his knife and training, MacGyver only needs a paper clip and duct tape to save the world, Chuck Norris knows more than Google. And what do the marketers and online specialist have? They have Marketing Miner! It’s a package full of useful tools that mine valuable information for them.“

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Pavel Martinovský
Lukáš Pítra

„My most valuable source, professional as well as personal, is my time. Marketing Miner saves me tons of it every day. Thanks to easily mined data, I do my job better and faster and I come home earlier. Clients are happy, my wife is happy and so am I. I definitely recommend it!“

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Lukáš Pítra
Zdeněk Dvořák (Linki)

„MM perfectly covers almost all of our activities that our on-page and off-page SEO specialists go through. You can get data easily and comfortably, which was a lot harder and more time consuming a couple of years ago. MM will deliver your data via email and you can focus on doing something else in the meantime. MM is definitely a game changer.“

logo Zdeněk Dvořák (Linki)
Zdeněk Dvořák (Linki)
Martin Kolčaba

„Marketing Miner saves me a lot of time. Data that I would otherwise be collecting for tens of hours from various sources, can be mined in a few clicks. The monthly tariff pays for itself with the first report.“


„MarketingMiner.com quickly became popular at our agency. The time that it saves us is great. Frequent additions of functions and reactions to users’ requests are examples that other creators of marketing tools should follow.“

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„We have been using Marketing Miner for some time now and it has pleasantly surprised us many times with what all it can do. At the beginning it was a little hard to work with and get used to it, we got lost in it a couple of times after a few clicks but it is a complete opposite now. MM has changed significantly in the last couple years, it has improved a lot and now it is a great help for not only keyword research and linkbuilding but also an indispensable tool for PPC or optimization of goods comparison websites.Simply said, it is like a Swiss knife of a marketing consultant.“

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ANT Studio
Miloslav Hamsa

„In the beginning, there was darkness. And then, there was a light at the end of the tunnel – Marketing Miner. It exceeds your expectations and desires. Believe it or not, it does belong among the best tools in the world!“


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