Miners are these diggers for users. Each one of them takes care of specific data, that they can exctract. A user inputs a query and then chooses these miners according to their specialization, to get the output data. The miners then take the input and take care of obtaining required data (each on their own). At the end, all the outputs from all the miners are consolidated into one output, which is then emailed as a whole to the user.


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Möchten Sie wissen, was sind die Probleme bei der Ladegeschwindigkeit Ihrer URL? Wo sind die Schwächen, wie kann man diese Schwächen, Freundlichkeit der Webseite und Positionen in den Suchmaschinen verbessern? Genau dazu dient PageSpeed Suggestions Miner! Was wird kontrolliert:

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Webdesign SEO





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Pavel Ungr

“Marketing Miner is the dream come true. I’ve always wanted a tool that could do what the internal tool SEO tools in Atax could do, but better. In cloud. Marketing Miner can do that and much more. Thanks to MM i don’t have to spend money on tons of different tools because MM have replaced them all.“

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Pavel Ungr
SEO specialist  Individual



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